An occurrence of a forceful hyper flexion and extension of the head and neck is called a Whiplash injury. Studies show that the acceleration head during this kind of accident is just a span of seconds to hit an object than the acceleration peak of the vehicle. Low speed impact that has no damage therefore making claims to be denied by the insurer. After a car accident, the whiplash injury is very hard to detect since this only comes within a few days after the incident. This is difficult to prove that one is suffering from a whiplash injury due to this cause some insurers mostly does not cover the compensation that you deserve and will left you struggling until there is a proof during the investigation that you have eventually developed a whiplash injury.

There are types of neck and whiplash injury

The neck, head and upper back portion (cervical spine level) tendons and ligaments of your body are the main affected parts when you are suffering from whiplash. That is why during the recovery stage there is a neck collar applied to support your head and neck and brace for your upper back. In medical terms this is best describe as: Hyperextension- this occurs when an elbow is bent in backward motion beyond its normal range of motion that leads to a damage and injury of the bones, ligaments and other structures of area. Hyperflexion- or also known as a cervical whiplash syndrome causes a traumatic injury to the soft surrounding tissues around the cervical spine. Myofascial pain- this is also known as muscle pain in which there is an occurrence of an inflamed muscle in the soft tissues. This may develop a muscle strain over a muscles group, tendon and ligaments. Neck pain- this occurs when there is pain in a rotating movement. Cervical sprain or strain- is an overstretched of ligaments in the neck area causing to experience a mild to severe pain. Soft tissue injury- this entirely damages the tendons, ligaments and the muscles all throughout the body caused by a hard contusion or an overuse of one body part. As neck injuries can also damage the spinal cord which may result to severe pain and can causes disruption of your activities of daily living and worse case scenario can cause you a permanent disability.

A car accident is truly a serious case wherein you need to hire a lawyer to file lawsuit to the one who have caused you in so much pain. Your lawyer will be in charge in assisting you in making a whiplash claim this is to ensure that there will be a proper investigation. The need to comply with all the requirements in order for you to have a comprehensive and thorough accreditation of the whiplash claim. In this area of expertise you need a good lawyer that can aide you all throughout the legal process of recordings and documentations as these are needed during filing a lawsuit and at the same time filing for a personal injury compensation.