Whiplash Claims

Major Whiplash Claims

Car Accidents

The first thing that goes through your head after a car accident is returning to your life completely normal and in as short time as possible. Successful compensation from a whiplash will greatly help in this. Compensation also exists to cover up all earnings that are lost during the off-work time you had to take due to injury as well as all medical treatments you had to pay.

After an accident on the road happened you should report it to your insuring company. But that can be done several hours after the accident. The first thing you should do is to collect all available data about all individuals involved in the accident and the registration number of the vehicle that is responsible for the accident. Witness statements are also important, same as photographs of the accident and physical damage done to your property.

After the police have done their thing you should ask for a copy of their record of the incident as this will greatly help in any compensation claims. Records of medical treatments are also important and they can shed light on the case.

There are several different parties that can be responsible for your injury all depending on the cause of the accident. If another driver caused the incident you should start claiming whiplash from their insurance company, as they are responsible for those they insure. In a case in which the accident was caused by potholes and other environmental causes then the organization that is responsible for roads is guilty.

Work Accidents

Claiming a compensation for an accident in the work space is something only a few people out of many do. These injuries are rather common but people fear notice for the end of work relationship (in short they don’t want to be fired). But this should not stop people from using their rights in the sphere of whiplash law.

An accident like this followed by your claim can help your employer as well because these cases show the dangers of that line of work and they highlight things that must be changed to avoid any further accidents. All cases regarding work claims are done through whiplash solicitor and they work on “no win no fee” policy. In other words, we will help you win your claim and if fails we will not ask for money, but if it does go through a small percentage will be given to us as a form of fee.

The employer will not lose money due to compensation, his insurance company will (in some cases in which the employer knowingly decided to not follow the duty of care then he might be eligible to pay the compensation). The employer has a duty of care responsibility toward the workers. The duty of care means that he must take some steps to ensure safe work environment, bare of all risks that might lead to injuries among the workers. This is backed up by law and the word of law will prevent neutralization of the claim by the employer or different treatment on the work after the claim. If you are treated differently then you can sue the employer because the law demands same treatment for the employee, no matter whether he has or he had a claim for compensation against the employer.

Claims Involving Trips, Slips and Falls

There are several parties that can be targeted with this kind of claim all regarding the place where the accident happened. Most common slips, trips, and falls happen due to bad conditions of the pavements, inadequate lighting, wet floor, ice and snow and so on. These injuries can be very mild but they also can be life changing as they can lead to concussions and broken bones.

If the accident happens in the public area and the reason behind the accident is due to unsafe conditions then the whiplash compensation claim should be aimed at the local council. Any and every business that has its private space is responsible for prevention of any accidents. Spillages on their floors must be cleaned, safety signs placed where they can be easily seen and the walkways must be free from any obstacle that shouldn’t be there.

Slips and trips can happen at work as well and you shouldn’t hesitate in calling us, so we can work together toward compensation. These accidents can cause stress and anxiety, but don’t fear there is a law behind your back as well as our solicitor who will be ready to use that law to protect your interests.

All slips, trips and falls that happen in rented accommodation should be claimed, and the responsible party is the landlord or the housing association if there is one. They are responsible for maintaining the property and keeping the correct standard of the space. If they fail to do that and you get hurt then contact us, we will work on compensation with you.

Other Whiplash Compensation Claims

Compensations Involving Children

When you purchase a piece of equipment or a product you should not fear the injury from it, if you use it correctly. To ensure that you are using it correctly the product/equipment will come with instruction or tutorial that will explain its use. Any dangerous pieces of equipment will also have marks that will warn you.

If a product injures you even though you have used it according to the instruction then you are eligible to whiplash claim for defective product compensation as the product must be functional and it must perform its task without injuring the user or people around it.

This form of injury most often happens due to faulty nature of the product you have bought. But there are also cases in which the manufacturer failed to place warnings of possible hazards. But be aware if you use the product for something that doesn’t fall under the description of the products use and you get hurt in this way then you will not be able to file a whiplash accident claim because you failed to stick to the book and use the product as it should be used.

There are many gray areas when it comes to defective product claim and due to that, you are advised to contact us and find out about your rights regarding the compensation and all general knowledge about this type of claim.

Defective Product Claims

When we suffer an injury we think about financial recovery and stress is a thing we also feel but it is a lot different to a child. Children that suffer accident may be scarred for life due to the traumatic nature of the accident. This will force you to hire specialists that will lead your child through the trauma and those specialists cost. The child can’t claim for compensation, but you with our help can. Contact us and we will send a solicitor that will work with you and your child in order to gain monetary compensation for all discomfort your child has suffered and all discomfort it will suffer in the future. In this case you will become a litigation friend (party that works on the compensation on the behalf of the child.

Apart from usual settings in which a child can get injured, school is another setting where the children get injured quite commonly. Most injuries are limited to bruises and grazes that happen in play. But your child can get badly hurt on the school ground due to failure by the school to provide safe playground.    If you have some questions about this form of claim you can ask us about it, and asking is free. When you decide to claim the compensation we will be happy to assign you a whiplash lawyer that will work on behalf you and your child.

Claims Regarding Dog Attacks

Dog bites are really traumatic, and they can leave mental scars that follow people throughout the life. But those scars aren’t the only thing the dog attack can do. Dog bite will cause you physical injury and excruciating pain and in extreme cases there is a need for operation in order to close the wound or return the muscles in their previous state. If a dog is rabid then there is the danger of the wound being infected which can threaten your life. Mental trauma is also a big thing with dog bites, especially if the victim is a child. Lifelong fear of dogs or fear of the dark (if the attack happened during the night) is both possible and due to that the need for specialists help is there.

After a dog bite you should take the name of the owner as well as their address and you should contact the police. You should also go to the hospital and demand treatment. All those things will help you gain compensation for whiplash.

There is a Dangerous Dog Act that lists several dog breeds that are especially dangerous and the owners of those dogs must have special permissions and they have to take special steps to ensure the safety of people around the dog. If a dog of that breed bites you the owner is guilty which also stands for all other breeds. In some cases the owner will have to pay compensations and in other cases pet insurance will cover it.

Health and Safety Claims

Health and safety procedures are really important because they are there to ensure a safe environment for work. There are many incidents on work that could have been avoided if health and safety measures were respected. If those measures aren’t respected then the fault is on the employer or another official party, as the incident happens due to their negligence.

If the injury occurs and you believe that there has been a breach of health and safety regulations, and the breech is responsible for the injury then you have every right for whiplash injury compensation. This will also force the responsible party to improve their health and safety regulations to the appropriate level. If you are afraid of the employer or other party do note that you are protected by law and your position will not be endangered as a repercussion for compensation claim.

Health and Safety claims can also be done if you are hurt near the construction site or another industrial area (if the injury was created due faulty health and safety regulations). Health and safety regulations also apply to public places where they cover warning signs and similar danger warnings. For example, if you slip and injure yourself due to the wet floor and there was no sign of it then the safety regulations are breached and you are eligible for whiplash compensation.

Medical Negligence as a Form of Whiplash

No matter whether the hospital is a private or public institution if you have proof of the medical negligence then we will fight by your side in order to claim the compensation you deserve.

Being in a hospital is not a pleasant thing, and it can be only worse with a negligent care that causes further pain and prolongs the illness. All personnel in the hospital have a duty of care which means that they have to provide the best care for every patient. If that care is below a certain point and that causes new injury or re-injury then you can claim compensation for that. Any action taken by the hospital stuff that ends up badly for you or anything that makes you suffer or makes you go in distress is hospital negligence. Inaction, happens when personnel fails to perform necessary actions to make you better also falls under the hospital negligence.

Every case of medical negligence is different and it should be seen as that. There are small things that make every case special, and the guilt can be transferred between the individuals and the hospital. But, in general the whiplash injuries involving medical negligence can be sorted into several subgroups.

Wrong diagnosis of the illness you suffer that leads to ill health and further injuries and complications is considered as medical negligence. Similar to the previous case is also the case of being given a wrong medication and wrong dose of medication. If one of those causes new injuries then it is negligence. An error during a surgery that causes further complications and substandard care during childbirth are both signs of negligence and therefore you have a right to sue the responsible party for monetary compensation.

 Even if you have suffered medical negligence you decided to pursue the compensation claim you should contact us so we can advise you on the procedure and help you gain full compensation. Whiplash compensation amounts vary, and if you have less than full knowledge of all aspects that come into the play when the amount is decided you will gain less money.

Going alone in the process of negotiations might result in being talked down to a small amount of money. To avoid that end you should leave the talk to our solicitor. He will add up all expenses of the whiplash including all future expenses you will have to spend in order to cure or control your state that was caused by the negligence. The amount of future expenses can’t be accurately calculated and due to that, an estimate is made. To make that estimate you will need a compensation calculator that can be found on our page. But to be sure feel free to contact us and ask about the calculation of the compensation.

Surgical Negligence

Compensation for whiplash can be demanded in a case of surgical negligence which is a form of medical negligence involving surgery and post-surgical period.

Surgical negligence is not as rare as many people think. True, there are very few mistakes where surgeons amputate the wrong limb or operate on the wrong thing, but there are some rather common mistakes in surgery. For example, there are many cases where there are items forgotten in the patient (which later cause infections that can lead to death). There are also cases where the nerves have been damaged and there is unnecessary and excessive scarring.

Post-surgical negligence can be done by both the doctors and nurses and other hospital personnel that care for you. Failure to recognize early stages of infection (which will lead to complications and pain) is a common negligence that is responsible for many court cases against the hospital.

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