Whiplash is an injury that happens after a vehicle or car accident. It is a severe muscle strain in the neck, head, and the shoulder part. However, if this happens because of the negligence of a third party, then you have the right to claim compensation against the other driver who became negligent. It is a whiplash compensation claim that can cover the current and the future medical expenses and treatment. Not all of the people are aware of the whiplash claim. To give you the idea on how to claim the compensation for whiplash, you can read on the following details below.

How to preserve the claim for the compensation?

You need to stay calm when you are in the car accident. Do not make any argument with the other driver but instead, help the injured people if needed. Call the ambulance or the police for some help and provide your honest assessment of what happened. You need to get the necessary details of the other driver for your record. You also need to look for witnesses and then don’t forget to take photos of the scene. Take note of what you can remember regarding the accident like the weather condition, the speed of your car when driving and any distractions when driving.

How to document your injuries?

After the accident, you need to see a medical doctor or MD that can help you about your injury even it is not too bad. It will help you with the insurance about the claim. Keep your medical records, receipts and bills as these will be a great help on the claim. Since you had an injury because of whiplash and you might not be able to report to work, you can calculate the days you missed at work to be included on the claim. You can also get the estimated value of the car damage since you are not at fault. You can have it repaired but make sure to keep the receipts so you can show it and be compensated during the lawsuit.

How to file the insurance claim?

You need to call first your insurance company and the other driver’s as well. Make sure to explain well about what happen and avoid admitting any fault. Just prepare for the interview as this can be critical. The insurance company may ask questions that could lead to your fault so the insurance claim will be affected. Make sure to just keep your documents but do not provide them with all that information unless it is necessary.

Whiplash compensation claim can be complicated after a car accident. But then knowing your rights and procedure to claim the compensation, you will be able to get what is just right for you. You can get the claim for the medical expenses that you need and most of all for the treatment to recover from the whiplash. Whiplash can be traumatic so it is good to see an MD to make sure that you can get back to your normal activities.