Whiplash is commonly known as the injury that results in an accident. This affects the head, back, shoulder or neck. But usually, it is the neck that is commonly referred to the whiplash injury. The car’s speed could be one of the main reasons why an accident happens. And because of the speed, the driver may not have the control in stopping it if the speed is way too fast. But then, just only enough speed can be also the reason of whiplash injury. This happens when there is collision from front or rear of the car because of the other party.

Whiplash injuries may still happen even the passengers in the car are wearing seatbelts. So it is really important to be careful and choose a car that has the special feature that can protect your body from head ‘til your toe. But the important parts that need to be protected are your head and neck. And just to mind you, it is not only in the car accident that whiplash occurs. It may occur on the different venue and different scenes.

Driving safety concept. Man fastening seat belt in car

The other different causes of whiplash may include are:

It can be a contact sports injury which is something that blows to your head from the falling object or when being assaulted.

Neck strains because of the sudden changes in the direction. Examples of these are the riding a roller coaster, bicycle accidents, slips and falls are all causes of whiplash.

Repetitive stress injury or the chronic strain that involves the neck can be one of the causes of whiplash. An example of this is by using or holding the telephone using the neck for a longer time but usually a non-acute cause.

Shaking the child may also result in the whiplash injury. It can be as well a serious injury to a child’s brain or the spinal cord. Child abuse like this is really not acceptable.

Any different activities that you may be doing that involve your head and neck can be a cause of whiplash injury. Improper movement of your neck and head can cause this so you should avoid those activities that can cause the injury. It is going to be a lot of treatment that you may need to do when you have a whiplash injury. You must also claim compensation if you are not at fault in the car accident since whiplash injury can be a serious case, depending on the accident that occurred.

To avoid the whiplash injury, make sure that your car seat is properly set to protect your head and neck from the injury. In case you want to purchase a new car, make sure that it has that kind of feature that can fully protect your head and neck from the whiplash injury and through other possible accidents that may happen. Most of all is be careful in driving even when everyone else is not. You should be more careful than the other to avoid any accidents or whiplash injury.