Interesting things to do while in Manchester

If you happened to be in Manchester, whatever purpose your visit may hold, there is a wide array of fun things to do in the city. The city happens to be a perfect destination site with all its historical monuments and displays, rich culture, and lovely city, you will love every corner of the metro. Since there are a lot of things to do in Manchester, here are some of the best places that you might want to visit:

football-field-1395607_960_720Etihad Stadium

It is the home of Manchester City Football Club and the third-largest stadium in the Premier League while being one of the biggest stadiums in the country. It has host huge events such as the 2002 Commonwealth games, staged the 2008 UEFA Cup Final, hosts rugby games, boxing titles, and much more. The stadium can accommodate more than 55,000 spectators. If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to see one of the biggest games in the country. Check out the latest schedules on the stadium and get your ticket whenever you get the chance.

Manchester Art Gallery

Formerly known as the Manchester City Art Gallery, the arts center can be seen on Mosley Street at the heart of the city. The gallery opens Mondays to Sundays, but unlike other museums, this gallery offers a free pass to tourists. It showcases a variety of artworks of local and international significance along with over 25,000 displays. Each year, more and more tourists are coming in as more than a half a million visitors went to the museum. If want to see more work of art you may also try visiting Whitworth Art Gallery. The art museum houses about 55,000 items in its collection.

Palace Theater, Manchester

Among the many theaters in the city, the Palace Theater is one of the most popular and main theaters. Located in Oxford Street, the theater can accommodate more than 2000 individuals. It is also considered as a historic site as it suffers huge damages during the German bombing in the 1940s. It was almost closed, but with the help of the Arts Council, the theater was refurbished and now it is one of the best-equipped theaters outside of the capital. It has been a venue for various huge concerts, acts, and performances. Check out their schedules so you would know what to watch during your stay.

skyscraper-14112_960_720China Town, Manchester

You see, most cities of on earth have its own china town and that includes Manchester. The China town in the city is the largest china town ethnic enclave in the entire United Kingdom. However, you do not just find Chinese stores in the area, but there are also Japanese, Nepali, Singaporean, Malaysian, and Vietnamese shops and supermarkets in it. One of the most popular landmarks in the enclave is the archway on Faulkner Street where commerce is mostly concentrated.

If you are up for some authentic Asian cuisine or souvenir items, Manchester has it covered. It is best to visit the place at night as the enclave looks more festive with all the glowing light flickering above the streets. There more fun things to do in the city and the ones listed above are just some of them.  On your next visit, do not miss the chance to come to these places.