Staying healthy is what all people are aiming for to keep up with the struggles of the day to day living such as with work. The means of staying fit and eating healthy foods are one way for you to have a longer life and be free from sickness. Sometimes you can never tell no matter how careful you are either on the road, in a building or anywhere there are circumstances in life that can happen without expecting it. Accidents can happen and the extent of the cause can either be very damaging or is the cause of death. Another factor also would be stress from work or anything that involves body movements such sports can also lead to personal injury and those ailments that usually aren’t common or are mostly you would not think can cause so much illness. You often neglect some little headaches, blurring of vision, and even fatigue and or body aches that you might be having difficulty of moving it or painful when moving a muscle. If you have these manifestations, you are probable suffering from whiplash. This illness is most of the time neglected by most people because of the stigma that maybe it is just caused by stress secondary to fatigue.

What is Whiplash? This is also known as neck sprain or strain and this occurs when there is a sudden snap of your head in a forward backward motion in which there is a whip like motion that overstretches your joint muscles and ligaments of the neck and upper posterior portion of your back. This is said to be dangerous case because it can cause a complete airway obstruction if it is severely damaged. This mostly occurs on a car accident, from a fall, or from an extreme impact of sports like boxing, snowboarding, football and gymnastics. In a car accident it is said to be described when you are not wearing a seatbelt and the extent of the injury goes beyond to the point that your head went to and fro in a whip like action. Whiplash does not occur only in a car accident but also as you are aging there are many risk factors to consider such as if you have arthritis, you are most likely to experience this condition.

Whiplash on a car accident does not occur on the onset of the circumstance right away sometimes this can be present two days after the incident. As you are facing legalities on the person who have caused the accident it is important that you seek consultation regarding lawsuits on personal injury and its claims. Moreover, you should demand a whiplash claim for you to be assisted with the medical paraphernalia’s like X-ray, pain medication and many more. The need to be compensated with your needs because this is a serious case and should need attention because this can get worse such as it becomes more painful on the affected area and can develop to other secondary illness.