Whiplash is the effect of a car accident caused by another party. It is usually the head and the neck that are affected because of the forced movement during the accident. There are cases that the people who experienced whiplash do not feel any effect yet in a day but in a few days or weeks. Most whiplash cases are being treated at home. Sometimes whiplash is just mild and you do not need to spend time in the hospital for further treatment.

There are things that can be done at home to treat whiplash. This is after you had the car accident and you are trying to recover from it. If whiplash is not too serious you can do the treatment at home which can improve your recovery. Those are the following that you can do at home to treat whiplash:

You can take the over-the-counter medicines for pain such as the acetaminophen like Ibuprofen. Doctors are prescribing pain medicines that can help with severe pain.

Avoid activities that can make the pain and the stiffness worsen.

Placing a soft pillow under the neck while sleeping can also help. If you do not have a soft pillow, you can use a tightly rolled towel. Don’t use the regular pillow in the meantime.

Inflatable neck pillow for rest in travel

You may use soft foam collar in supporting your neck just for short period of time. Don’t wear the collar for more than two to three days unless the doctor tells you so.

You may also use a heating pad for every two or three hours on a medium setting for fifteen to twenty minutes. You may also try ice for the same steps like on the heating pad. Though there is no evidence yet that the heat of the pad or ice can help, you can still try them so you can check if they would help.

Talk to the specialist doctor about the other treatment that can be done like physical therapy if that can help you. A chiropractor can be also helpful.

You can go back to your daily normal activities at the soonest possible time.

It may take up to three months for your neck to be healed. However, even it is the most painful it can be gone in no time. The severe whiplash might take longer but it normally improves within six to twelve months. After the neck pain has been gone make sure to do exercises like stretching on your back and neck. Make sure that you will do activities that can make your bones stronger.

Whiplash can be serious if you are not aware of how to handle it. So to be sure that you do not have any whiplash injuries you need to see your doctor to make some test on you. They will surely conduct x-rays to know if you have any broken bones or anything that can make sure your injury will be treated right. For you to prevent whiplash, always wear seatbelt then adjust the headrest according to your height.