Commonly asked questions about whiplash and personal injury lawsuit

Commonly asked questions about whiplash and personal injury lawsuit

Q: What is whiplash and what are its causes and symptoms?

A: Whiplash is an injury in the neck area sustained by people who have been in a traffic accident. The impact of the collision leaves the person with damaged joints or tissues in the neck and head area and sometimes radiates to the back area near the spine and other extremities. It is painful since bone structures and nerves are also affected.

Whiplash patient may suffer from these symptoms: neck pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, shoulder pain, jaw pain, arm pain, ringing in your ears, back pain, and visual problems. However, the only person who can tell you that you have whiplash is your doctor. Based on the symptoms that you provide him or her, your doctor will then make a series of test inorderto find out whether you have awhiplash injury. Usually, patients would have to undergo medication to relieve pain, physical therapy to realign bones and relax pinched nerves, and scans to determine other affected areas and tissues in your body.

Q: How to prevent whiplash?

A: indeed, the best way not to suffer from it is to avoid it. But, accidents do happen and people do not have the power to look into the future and to avoid untoward accidents. However, you could always take preventive measures to avoid accidents. First, you need to follow traffic rules and avoid driving especially when drunk. Second, use your seatbelts properly to reduce theseverity of impact during collisions. Lastly, make sure to have regular maintenance of your vehicle, such as your breaks, to avoid untoward incidents.

Hand fastening a seat belt

Q: What is the importance of getting a lawyer for a whiplash injury case? Isn’t it too much of a hassle?

A: Actually, it is up to you if you do not want to be compensated for the injury due to the accident. However, treating your injuries require hospitalization and the injury might disrupt your career and day to day activities. Hence, the suffering and expenses must be refunded and compensated. Fortunately, there are lawyers who can help you win your case and collect the necessary compensation that you deserve. Without a good injury attorney, your whiplash injury maybe considered as MIST case. When this happens, insurance companies will give attention to your case and will not pay the necessary compensation.

Q: How much is the amount involve?

A: Each case is unique and differs from one another. Usually, the total amount that you will receive will be broken down into two areas. First are the general damages which refer to your actual injury compensation. The value of your general damages will have to depend on the assessment of your injury against the guidelines of the judicial board. Some of the things that will be considered in the assessment are the severity of the injury; the time it will take for you to heal; and other complicating factors. Second are the special damages which refer to the compensation for the expenses that you made or the out-of-the-pocket expenses. Special damages cover medical expenses, prescriptions, treatments, loss of earning from work, and the amount of suffering incurred.


Treatment of Whiplash Injury, Complications and Diagnosis

Treatment of Whiplash Injury, Complications and Diagnosis

The occurence of a strained neck muscle due to a rapid backward and forward movement is called Whiplash injury. There is a sudden and quick motion that causes the ligaments and the tendons of the spine area to stretch leading it to an extreme pain. Aside from vehicular accidents there are other ways in which you can acquire a whiplash injury such as physical abuse (if there is too much shaking and punches), sports that involve physical contact for example- karate, boxing and football. Other examples are horseback riding, accidental falls in which the head is violently jerked in backward motion, heavy things that blows the head.

There are certain key points that you need to understand more about whiplash injury. The purpose of this is to avoid misconception of anything that can be related to the injury. In general, the occurrence of a whiplash injury may somehow manifest few days before the incident of the injury. Its symptoms are mostly disregarded first because it has mild to moderate manifestation in the first initial stage. At this point, treatment is implemented at home and is given an over the counter medication and other forms of remedies to relieve the pain. As pain progresses at the neck in which the common symptoms are stiffness, dizziness, headache and neck pain.

Treatment of whiplash varies as to how serious the injury should be given medical and palliative interventions. Average recovery period is between few days to several weeks. But for a fuller recovery, this is mostly up to three months. However, whiplash is though to be a relatively mild case but this can eventually cause a long-term discomfort and pain.

Doctor, physiotherapist examining her patient back.

Moreover, as per diagnosing a whiplash injury medical assistance is sought when there are any unusual conditions such as pain at the neck portion that comes and goes, there is severe neck pain, radiating pain at the shoulders, the arms and legs, tingling sensation and numbness. The treatment of a whiplash is very simple as pain medications are prescribed such as Tylenol or an Aspirin. But for more serious cases, higher doses of painkillers and at the same time muscle relaxants are prescribe to minimize and control muscle spasms. In addition to treatment, physical therapy is recommended for patients who have experienced whiplash. It performs a passive range of motion to promote recovery and rebuilding the flexibility and strength of the affected muscles. There are also relaxation techniques provided so as to alleviate the pain and posture is added to keep the muscles of the neck from contracting and straining.

The good thing about medicating whiplash is that there are many advocated that are of good help when it come to recommending prescribe alternative remedies that can also assist in the optimal well being of the patient such as: massage, acupuncture and chirpractic care.

There are few people who happened to experience long-term complication. The usual recovery days are between few days to weeks. For others the fullest term of recovering from whiplash injury is up to 3 months. Chronic pain and even headaches after a year from the accident has no proof or explanation as to the cause. Whiplash is cured immediately for people who are lucky enough to not experience a prolonged period of recovery.

Car accidents resulting in Whiplash injuries

Car accidents resulting in Whiplash injuries

Injuries from auto collisions are serious wounds that require immediate attention. Especially whiplash injuries as patients may suffer from symptoms for several weeks if not months. Sometimes, such injuries may not manifest days after the accident. You would not know whether you are seriously injured because often it is not noticeable. In several cases, additional complications develop and may cause serious trouble for the patient. On top of these, you may have to pay various fees on your hospital bill. Make sure to find a reliable lawyer that can facilitate you to collect damages from the accident.

So, if you have been wondering why those neck pains are troubling your weeks after the accident, it could be that your whiplash injuries are starting to occur. To help you understand more of the possible damage you would get from whiplash trauma, give some time to read these important thoughts below to help you understand more of its consequences.


This is one of the most common symptoms of whiplash trauma. Almost all patient reports agonizing pain around their neck for several days and sometimes the pain would radiate from the head down to the shoulders. Joints, ligaments, nerves and muscles around the neck are the ones usually affected. Facet joint and disc injury are two of the most common causes of neck pain. When this happens, immediately visit your physician to get proper attention before it gets worst.

the pain


Because of the impact that forced your head towards the backseat, the entire area of the head becomes vulnerable to serious injuries. Headaches are second most prevalent complaints among those who have experienced whiplash injuries. Almost 80% of the patients reports chronic pain in the area of the head. Make sure to ask for help when the pain gets seriously troublesome, so the doctors could examine and immediately relieve the pain while being treated. Such symptoms could also lead to serious brain injury resulting from heavy impact towards had objects during the collision.


Most often, patients would report wooziness even after being treated. There are a lot of factors that are involved when patients get vision problems coupled with troublesome headaches. This is also very common to those who suffer from whiplash trauma. However, dizziness eventually improves as continuous treatment is being applied. Dizziness is just symptoms of themuch larger problem in the head, but as the pain slows down the patient usually gets better.

Man with back pain. Pain relief concept


Usually, whiplash is considered as neck injury; however, there are times when the lower back portion of the body gets affected as well. The severity of the pain in the lower back portion depends on the amount of force the body had absorbed. The lower back most often suffer from tremendous compression during the incident.

The impact from the collision has caused the body to shake rapidly and could have affected soft tissues and vulnerable organs. Seconds from the sudden impact could already pose potential whiplash injuries. The Strong impact could develop more injuries while contributing to the overall injury. Abrupt impacts all throughout the body could affect the spine, neck ligaments, joints, nerves, and other tissues. Especially if the patient did not wear a seatbelt during the collision, the damage could be very serious.


What are the Injuries Associated with Whiplash?

What are the Injuries Associated with Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury that is basically caused by an intense and rigid movement of the neck and head during a vehicular accident causing it to injure both neck and head. Eventually, as the patient experiences pain on the neck this radiates towards the shoulder, extending it to the spine, making the person susceptible to disability if management is not given right away. The symptom of a whiplash injury, usually does not occur at the onset of the accident. Most of the whiplash injuries manifest symptoms a few days after the stressful crisis.

As interventions are being given to the injured, it is important for a health care provider to inform and or educate the significant others of the patient to monitor for any verbalization of the symptoms of the whiplash, such as severe pain or tightness at the neck area, headache that also radiates to the forehead, pain at the shoulders and tenderness. as the any of these are manifested medical interventions are rendered to alleviate the pain felt by the patient.

There are other symtpoms that can be associated with the injury and it is termed as the Whiplash associated disorders. This includes the following tingiling or heavy sensation in the arms, audible sounds such as ringing of ears, dizziness, fatigue, decrease level of concentration, insomnia and changes of vision. All these are manifested if patient is undergoing severe to extreme pain in which medical and palliative interventions should be done in a manner that at least a pain scale of 7. it is important that patient’s safety should be the priority because some of the manifestations are brought about by the central nervous sytstem.

The whiplash injury is a little complex thus this includes a variation of related problems. Here are the following other injuries that are associated with whiplash.

Dysfunction of the joint- the normal elasticity of the limbs and spine is loosen as a result of the whiplash injury and in the state of shock is when there is a restricted movement and pain.

Slip Disc or Disc herniation- if you imagine a slow motion action towards the vertebrae area at the time of a whiplash accident, there is a small tearing of the vertebral area causing for the inner core to extrude out of the core. If the inner core comes in contact thus irritates a nearby root f a spinal nerve this will lead to a hearniation. This is extremely painful and this also have neurological symptoms like muscle weakness, tingling sensation and numbness.

There is chornic pain – the further the pain that are produced at the specific areas, this become persistent and is long lasting.

Central and cognitive dysfunction- in most cases, whiplash injury has commonly affect the central nervous system causing the patient to be disoriented, decrease level of concentration is one of the major example of a complicated whiplash injury.

In conclusion, it is very important and crucial for the members of the family not to neglect this kind of crisis. It would be best to be confined more days in order to check for any signs and symptoms of a whiplash injury.

Whiplash symptoms and treatments

Whiplash symptoms and treatments

Whiplash is usually associated with auto collisions, causing neck strain and pain around the area of the head. However, depending on the situation, injuries may radiate to other parts of the body. Basically, any strong blow that makes your neck jerk to and fro would pose a potential damage. The area of the neck of the human anatomy is vulnerable to heavy impact. Once it receives a heavy blow serious neck injuries would occur.

Whiplash usual symptoms

Many people would ignore neck pains because they never thought it gets worst. However, the pain might be a symptom of whiplash trauma. Most often, the symptoms include:

  • Chronic pain in the neck for several days. Some neck pain even lasts for more than a month and it gets painful each day. Others would feel tightness in the neck area like the muscles may feel knotted.
  • The intense feeling of pain when you move your neck to any direction. Others would feel intense pain in the neck even when they are just walking. Depending on the severity of the problem, even a slow movement might already be painful.
  • Extreme pain may occur when you move your head towards your shoulder.
  • Punishing headaches may also occur that usually moves from the base of the skull towards the top of the head.

Most often, the strain in the neck occurs immediately as you move your head. Sometimes it takes several weeks before it begins to hurt again. The pain will always depend on the severity of the blow that strikes the neck area. Sometimes the sudden blow to the head would create other ailments and health problems. When this comes, make sure to visit your physician for physical examination.

Physical therapy - scalp massage

Usual Treatment for Whiplash

Although whiplash can be agonizing or troublesome, there are simple remedies that you can do to ease the pain and help with the recovery.

  • Get some ice cubes and wrap them in a piece of cloth and apply it to your neck after the injury. This should help to at least ease the pain, especially minutes after the collision. Apply it for 30 minutes every four hours if the pain still giving you trouble. You are allowed to do this for three days until you get better.
  • Go to the drug store and purchase some painkillers according to the recommendation of your doctor. Remember not to buy any kind of painkillers without permission from your physician. Usually, doctors would recommend ibuprofen and other types to relieve the pain. Although there is proper dosage when taking medicines.
  • Apply moist heat if you prefer. However, you may do this a day after you are done icing your neck. Make sure that the towel is warm, but not too hot to avoid hurting your skin.
  • Ask a physical therapist on how to properly massage the affected area. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself even more.

Before you do anything rash, make sure to ask for professional help. As much as possible follow your doctor’s suggestions to make sure that the injury will not get worse. However, you might need to find a good and reliable lawyer to help you file lawsuit charges and claim for damages. Check out the Internet and look for the best law firm that is willing to help you win your case.


What are the Causes of Pain and Treatment for a Whiplash Injury?

What are the Causes of Pain and Treatment for a Whiplash Injury?

Having to meet a vehicular accident should not be neglected. This type of situation is considered to be an emergency case because you do not know what are the extents of damages that can lead to a serious case of complication if left untreated. Most common issue that will arise during a vehicular accident is the occurrence of a whiplash injury. This is described as a sudden force of motion of the head and neck making an individual experience severe pain, especially at the upper body, the spine and shoulders and causes disability as well.

The causes of whiplash vary on the level of injury. So it is important to handle an individual who is suffering this kind of injury. Extreme levels of pain are noted. Rendering treatment through prescribed medications and other forms to alleviate pain are very helpful to the welfare of the individual. Neck strains are mostly misunderstood and confused with neck sprain. The difference between the two is that neck strains are a damage caused by the muscles, or tendons and the tissues that connect to the muscles and bones. On the other hand, neck sprains are due to the tearing down of ligaments and the muscle tissues that connects to the bone as well.

stressed, unhappy young man with bad neck pain

The causes of neck sprain and strains are disguised by one another because they manifest the same symptoms. Most of these symptoms are often neglected and are ignored as well. In this case, you must be aware of how your body communicates when there is something wrong. It is important that you put attention to it to avoid any further complications. Whiplash injury is caused when the bones or the in between disks of the ligaments, nerves, muscles and tissues are greatly affected.

The treatment of the whiplash injury varies as to how many symptoms are present. Although not all treatment of whiplash happens to be very effective. It is important for one patient who is suffering from whiplash to be educated regarding the management and its treatment. This is important because most people manifesting the symptoms believe that it is just the usual back pain or headache and that is why health teaching should be imparted. This of course includes the potential treatment, and its outcome or what to expect while undergoing treatment.

Cervical collar- this is applied as on the of the front line in handling a patient with whiplash injury. The purpose of cervical collar is to reduce the tension that was derived from the injury. It also minimizes the neck’s range of motion thus preventing any additional injuries. According to studies, if there is immobilization at the affected area it will gradually heal.

Range of motion- people who are engaged in the passive form of exercise in the early stage will eventually heal faster and improves better depending on the extent of the injury. This type of activity helps the patient to move certain muscles. Patient is assisted in the performance of rotational exercises and this is done at least ten times as per hour. The purpose is to regain the strength of the muscles and circulating the blood.

To have a successful recovery it is important for one patient to have at least a support system that can aide him or her with the crisis that he/she been going through.