What is a Whiplash Injury and How can you Make a Claim

What is a Whiplash Injury and How can you Make a Claim

Whiplash is a forced movement of the ligaments and tendons that is connected to the neck and shoulders causing it to overstretched. This can result to headaches, a limited movement and pain at the neck. As you see the highway is really prone to accidents. No matter how safely you are driving your car but if it so happened that there is a reckless driver on the loose driving, there is no other way but to be hit by that car. As this happens, imagine the head being whipped in split seconds in a backward to forward movement or depending on the impact and direction.

Whiplash injury is known for its severe pain. In most cases this type of injury is said to be only a short term treatment in a manner of deliberating and eliminating the causes of pain and to treat what was affected during the time of the collision. The extent of the severity is based on how long a person will continually suffer and how bad it could get. For some cases, whiplash has been overused in a manner that it has a bad reputation; this is why it is categorized as a “scam” because some people are using it as an excuse to get money from other people. However, if this has proven that you have undergone a serious case of whiplash injury, most likely you there is provision while you are confined.

How is whiplash diagnosed? This is diagnosed through a series of laboratory work up and other medical examinations to identify the degree of injuries that you have especially from the neck downwards. If you are working and you happened to be involved in a car accident and have developed whiplash injury. You have every right to have your rights of being covered with the cost of the accident that you are not to blame by working out your claims for it to be compensated. If the injury and the accident does even make a big impact in your life then getting a claim is also essential. As you are about to make a claim, the details of the occurrence of the accident should be recorded, the received treatment, the appointments that you have gone after the accident. It is almost important that you keep record of the time that you are about to work and the number of hours that you have not completed your work due to the injury.

Another is that you need to have a good solicitor that can assist and guide you all throughout the entire process of facing legal issues. The role of the solicitor is to make sure that you are properly guided with the steps that you need in order for you to have everything done. It is also important that while you are processing your documents, by this point in time as you are still confined or if not still on treatment to avoid a null information and to avoid being neglected.

How Whiplash Can Be Treated?

How Whiplash Can Be Treated?

Whiplash is the effect of a car accident caused by another party. It is usually the head and the neck that are affected because of the forced movement during the accident. There are cases that the people who experienced whiplash do not feel any effect yet in a day but in a few days or weeks. Most whiplash cases are being treated at home. Sometimes whiplash is just mild and you do not need to spend time in the hospital for further treatment.

There are things that can be done at home to treat whiplash. This is after you had the car accident and you are trying to recover from it. If whiplash is not too serious you can do the treatment at home which can improve your recovery. Those are the following that you can do at home to treat whiplash:

You can take the over-the-counter medicines for pain such as the acetaminophen like Ibuprofen. Doctors are prescribing pain medicines that can help with severe pain.

Avoid activities that can make the pain and the stiffness worsen.

Placing a soft pillow under the neck while sleeping can also help. If you do not have a soft pillow, you can use a tightly rolled towel. Don’t use the regular pillow in the meantime.

Inflatable neck pillow for rest in travel

You may use soft foam collar in supporting your neck just for short period of time. Don’t wear the collar for more than two to three days unless the doctor tells you so.

You may also use a heating pad for every two or three hours on a medium setting for fifteen to twenty minutes. You may also try ice for the same steps like on the heating pad. Though there is no evidence yet that the heat of the pad or ice can help, you can still try them so you can check if they would help.

Talk to the specialist doctor about the other treatment that can be done like physical therapy if that can help you. A chiropractor can be also helpful.

You can go back to your daily normal activities at the soonest possible time.

It may take up to three months for your neck to be healed. However, even it is the most painful it can be gone in no time. The severe whiplash might take longer but it normally improves within six to twelve months. After the neck pain has been gone make sure to do exercises like stretching on your back and neck. Make sure that you will do activities that can make your bones stronger.

Whiplash can be serious if you are not aware of how to handle it. So to be sure that you do not have any whiplash injuries you need to see your doctor to make some test on you. They will surely conduct x-rays to know if you have any broken bones or anything that can make sure your injury will be treated right. For you to prevent whiplash, always wear seatbelt then adjust the headrest according to your height.

What are the Tips for Filing a Case for a Whiplash Injury

What are the Tips for Filing a Case for a Whiplash Injury

If you have met a car accident a few days before you are fully recovered and you have developed a severe neck pain associated with headache, you may be potentially suffering from a Whiplash injury. This type of injury is caused by quick jolting of the neck and shoulders, wherein pain is severe to extreme. Whiplash is mostly associated as well with the term called a rear end accident, but this can also happen to almost any kind of collision. The rear end accident is described to be a very impactful force that makes the head moves in a backward to forward whip effect. In an instant the neck, shoulder muscles. Ligaments, tendons are sprained or even torn apart.

Whiplash injury can be very subtle in which you wouldn’t know that you are already suffering from the injury. Most of its symptoms does not occur in an instant, but most likely will appear in a span of few hours to a few more days after the accident. If you happened to be in the rear end view, you should immediately consult a physician for further medical assistance. Indeed car accidents are very traumatic and the extent of its severity is considered to be very critical. For your information, after the collision or incident, the release of cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream causing it to mask the pain of your body and this is considered to be a vital danger to the brain. It is important that you know the symptoms of a whiplash injury so as for you to be guided when to report for any manifestations of the symptoms.

Mobilisation of neck

As you are building your own personal claims for injury, it is important that you are guided by a professional such as the attorney. Car accidents secondary to a whiplash injury is considered to be a serious case, thus with the need for a medical consultation and medical treatment, it is important that you call the attention of the person who have caused you the accident. In this way, legal disputes will be discussed and termed for rights in the form of treatment as a priority. If you are going to wait for another time, your complaint will be disregarded and will be void. Remember the earlier you seek medical attention and the provable and credible the claim will be is more likely to be approved.

The importance of having a successful claim it is essential that you must provide all the necessary documents such as the medical records, reports made by the police, laboratory work up such as MRI, CT-scans, blood’s test, a doctor’s order and even the list of your medications and treatments. It is also important that there is an evidence of your hospitalization. This is one way that you will be verified by the law,and one which is to see the whether you are really suffering from any neck injury before there will be a payout of the expenses that you have when you were still confined.


Important things to consider when suffering from Whiplash injury

Important things to consider when suffering from Whiplash injury

Whiplash injury is not just a serious injury, but also a serious case. If you suffered whiplash injury due to car accident through no fault of your own, make sure to claim proper compensation. The best thing to do is to get a reliable lawyer to help you facilitate the case. While at it, here are some important things that you must know before proceeding:

  1. You might ask what is whiplash. Whiplash is usually caused by traffic incidents. It is to describe injuries in the area of the neck, including shoulders and spine. These areas usually take the heavy blow in many car collisions. When the impact moves the body front, back, and sideways abruptly the spine and the neck area maybe seriously damaged. If this happens, the person will suffer neck pains for days or weeks and requires immediate attention. Other than the pain, the person could also feel stiff necks and shoulders. If the condition is severe, the person might also suffer from headaches. After medication, the person might sometimes feel dizziness, nausea, pain in the lower back, blurred vision, and muscle spasms. Most often, it takes 12-24 hours before whiplash symptoms develop depending on the severity of the injury. Although the symptoms that the person feels might be easily remedied, the whiplash injury may take weeks or months to heal.
  2. Is it possible to win whiplash compensation? Well, the answer is yes. The key here is to find a reliable lawyer to help you file your case and defend your interest in court. However, finding the right one can be very challenging as there are a lot of choices to consider. In any case, make sure to choose the law firm or lawyer who has the experience and will honestly defend you in court. However, finding the right solicitor is not just the key to winning a whiplash case. It is also important that you have all the proper documentation like medical records to justify your claims in court. You may also ask your lawyer if they can fast-track the claims so that you will receive the compensation that you deserve as quickly as possible. Damages and claims will be very helpful to continue your medication and healing from the accident.
  3. If you are asking how much will you get in case you win in court, the answer would depend on your case. The amount usually differs from one case to another and the severity of the injury. This is why you need to collect all your receipts and bills from your medication so you could present it as asubject for reimbursement. On top of this, depending on the severity of the injury, you might also be paid for the suffering that you have endured from the accident and through the healing process.

No matter how much you suffered and how much you have spent for your injury, make sure that you have a good lawyer who knows how to help you win the case and can facilitate to collect your claims.


What are the Medical Issues Concerning a Whiplash Injury?

What are the Medical Issues Concerning a Whiplash Injury?

Car accidents are surely very stressful and there are many things that you need to consider, when it comes to weighing your options. Being in a car accident is not a choice for everyone to undergo. And base on a statistical study there is a significant chance that either you or your loved ones are involved in the accident. One out of every four motor vehicular accidents would result to a type of injury. With results of the study, there are about thousand and millions of accidents that results to more injured women, men, and children every year.

The type of injuries varies its range from a small cut up to a life threatening wounds and trauma. There are some injuries that can be treated right away, which is most likey visible to the eye but in other parts of the body such as the soft tissue are often neglected. This type of injury is known as a Whiplash injury. The occurence is much likely the same as those who experience slight bumps on their heads such as headache, dizziness, and even vomiting. But this does not limit only to that point. At the time of the incident, some people are directly manifesting stiffness, soreness, severe headache, and numbness. This takes a few days up to a few weeks. With the symptoms that you are experiencing it would be best to seek for a medical treatment for further interventions.

Physical therapy - scalp massage

Any forms of accidents are very serious and should not be misunderstood. It is crucial to understand the situation of a whiplash injury for you as well to know, how to apply the interventions in which the health care team has provided. Getting educated with the regards to the injury is one gain that you can get from knowing as to how you are going to deal with it. Just like among any other legalities that are being discussed and decided by the law, if you are involve in an accident, it is your right to raise your complaints towards the person that have caused your injury. In this case, there is a law that is provided in order for all those who are victims of the accident can also have the benefit for medical assistance.

Always put importance in seeking for a medical assistance. The whiplash motion is mostly common when a person meets a car accident. There is negligence in the side of a plaintiff. It would be best for you to immediately raise your complaints before it the severity of your case is belittled by the plaintiff’s attorney. The reason why you are doing this is for you to be assisted not only in the medical treatment but as well as through provision of your needs while you are on treatment. If you do not look for an attorney to pull you all throughout the incident, you are vulnerable to the strategies of the opposing’s insurance company. Most of the time this is a stressful event and can cause pressire not only to self but as well as to solve the legal despute. Consulting a professional help such as an attorney can guide you with the legalities as well as in documentation.