It is indeed life changing when you meet a situation in your life that can either be horrifying, stressful and traumatic. You will never know if there will be a one hundred percent chance to go back on what it was before. Accidents can be very fatal and could end up a person’s life. Most accidents, especially in a road of traffic, results in many damages and injury. One of these injuries is the Whiplash. The occurrence of whiplash is sudden and quick in a whip like motion.  The neck and back are snapped in an instant but in an accelerated to decelerated position of the head. As this happens, it also affects the other upper body parts of the body which may be subjected to broken bones, inflamed muscles, ligament, tendons and soft tissues. The severity can result to permanent disability.

Inquiring and applying for a social security disability is one factor that you need to do in order for you to be sustained with your needs. This only applies if the damage of the whiplash injury has indeed made impossible for you to go back to work as this kind of injury if you are lucky enough to recover fast in a span of months. Qualifications for the application of social security disability such as your legal papers and include also the documentation and recordings of the incident happened. To further qualify you need a medical verification that you have undergone a whiplash injury such as the diagnosis of the attending physician, the laboratory work up like X-rays, MRI, and CT scans. Also it should be proven that your medical documentation verifies that you are able to work within the year by the time you were disabled. This means that you are still in the process of recovery and rehabilitation thus this implies that you are under a care of medical practitioners and help you to improved during therapy session.

It is essential and important that you are still receiving treatment while your claim is still in the process or is still evaluated. Your attorney will guide you as to how things will be done accordingly with whiplash claims. It is his or her responsibility to assist you in the legal documentation of everything that has done to you during the time you had the accident until to the present disability situation. As some claims are denied due to the lack of understanding that when you make personal injury claims especially whiplash cases should be timely since whiplash is hard to determine not until you show some developmental manifestation of the injury. The occurrence of course varies from its severity that is why making a personal injury claim should be in the process wherein you are starting to develop the signs and symptoms. With the social security disability, your whiplash claim may have the chance to be approved. But if your claim is disapproved the social security lawyers will assist you to the process of approval of your claim.