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Whiplash and Whiplash Claim

Whiplash part of law is not known by many people and due to that people fail to cash in on their whiplash injuries. In general, it is hard to cash in on this kind of injury if you don’t have some legal advice, a solicitor that will represent you and your interests. That is why we exist.

You might not know, but whiplash injuries are injuries you suffer due to an accident caused by another party. When that happens the guilty party will have to face the court and its punishment, but you will not get anything out of it. To get the money out of the guilty person you have to start a new legal process against them, and that takes a lot of time and dedication. And even if you do have time for the legal process and your dedication is on the point you might not get the compensation for the injury you have suffered. To avoid that you can hire us and we will send you a solicitor that will fight your legal battle for you. If he fails to earn you money then you won’t have to pay us for our services.

Symptoms and Consequences of Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is rather a common type of injury and many people suffer through it without even realizing their rights.

Most common type of whiplash is head and neck injury that is resulted from a car accident. But this doesn’t mean that car accidents are the only type of accidents that can cause whiplash, there are many more cases where you can suffer whiplash and ask for compensation for your pain.

Many people, even though they do know about whiplash, avoid pursuing compensation for their whiplash because they don’t want to trouble the person who caused it or because they think that the injury is small. This is a mistake because a whiplash can cause more than just an inconvenience. There are some aftereffects of whiplash that go beyond simple pain (we will talk more about types of whiplash on the term of the type of pain or inconvenience a bit later).

There are several clear symptoms of whiplash and in some cases, all of them occur, while in other cases just one or two of them are found.  Some symptoms appear within few days of the accident while some other symptoms may take several weeks to occur. If you have suffered an accident which was caused by someone else and you suffer some of the following symptoms within one and a half month after the accident feels free to contact us, so we can advise you on whiplash. You might be eligible to pursue a compensation for your discomfort and if you do we will help you to get it.

If you feel a headache, possible followed by fatigue and blurred vision or aching that manifests itself through difficulty of moving of the area that is hurt or pain that exhibits once you try to move that part of the body then you have a base ground for compensation for whiplash injury.

The previous statement also stands for symptoms that include inflammation and swelling of the area where the injury happened (you will have to go through medical examination that will confirm a connection between these symptoms and the injury that occurred). General pain in areas of arms and shoulders and even some upper and lower back pain can be tied to whiplash whose origin is in another part of the body. Same can be said for dizziness and nausea, they can be symptoms of an injury that occurred in any part of the body, not just a head. This is why you should contact us, because you might not realize that a pain in one part of the body can represent a whiplash from the injury occurred to another part of the body. We have trained professionals who are able to discern such inconsistencies and determine their cause.

Typical symptoms of whiplash can include any of the following:






Neck pain


Shoulder pain


Tingling in the arms


Back pain

Types of Personal Injury Claim Whiplash

Personal injury is an injury you have sustained through someone else fault, and to gain compensation for this kind of injury you have to demand personal injury claim. Many forms of this injury are also known as whiplash, but some of them do not fall in the same category. We will talk about most of these types of personal injury further down the article, but we want to introduce you to each one of them before we start talking about details.

   In general, there are 6 types of personal injury for which you can demand compensation.

Traffic Accident

We already mentioned traffic accidents in which you can get hurt if the fault is on one of the drivers. You can claim compensation for this kind of injury if you are a driver of a car which was damaged and you were hurt by the other driver. If you are a passenger in either of those two cars you can demand compensation from the guilty driver.

Work Accident

If you get hurt on your work, for example, your trip or slip and hurt yourself and the cause is not due to you, but due to a factor which was overlooked by someone else, you may demand whiplash settlement for that.

Another type of personal injury on the work position includes strain injury from repetition such as hand-arm vibration syndrome and industrial deafness. The nullification of the possibility of this kind of injury is by the officials of the company, and you have every right to demand compensation for the injury.

Diseases Contracted in the Workplace

There are also some diseases that can be contracted in the workplace in industrial type companies (asbestos or mesothelioma) for which you can demand monetary compensation.

Slips and Trips

Slips and trips and any other forms of falls that cause personal injury in a public space, and which also were caused by the negligence of some party fall under the law about personal injury claim.

Medical Negligence

The final type of personal injury is medical negligence. This covers all types of medical negligence by all parties that provide medical help, from doctors to nurses.

Grading Whiplash Injuries

In order for you to better understand whiplash and injuries for which you can demand compensation, we will give you a short introduction into grades of the whiplash.

These grades represent the severity of the injuries and how much of an impact they have on your life. As the severity of the injury and its impact on your life increases so does the amount of money you will get in compensation.

The mildest grade of whiplash is grade 1 which represents minimal injury. This grade of injury has no negative effect on your movement and there are no ligaments that are sprained. Minor stretch damage to muscles is usually the only form of injury from grade 1 whiplash. Pain is also minimal at it ends after only a short duration of time after the accident. Some additional discomfort may come in a form of minor swelling a day or two after the injury, and some tenderness or soreness. The cause for grade 1 injury is in the most cases fall or a small slip. Any other type of accident has more force in the play and injuries are more severe. Grade 1 whiplash injury will heal in about 11 weeks with chiropractic treatment.

Grade 2 whiplashes cover slight injuries and the most common cause of these injuries is traffic accidents that involve automobile collision. In the case of this injury, your movement will be slightly limited due to either muscular injury or swelling and spasm. These symptoms occur due to overstretching of the muscles which cause partial tearing which is known to cause pain and discomfort right after the injury or few hours or couple of days after the incident. An ice pack will help the swelling which can last up to 24 hours and complete recovery from grade 2 injury is around 30 weeks with regular chiropractic treatment.

Whiplash compensation amount goes up considerably if your injury happens to be a grade 3 whiplash. The reason for the increase of the compensation is due to damage to the spine (its supporting ligaments), which restricts the movement due to damage and spasm to the muscles. If there is a sign of radiating pain in the limbs then there is a possibility of some nerve damage. Description of the damage is as follows: tearing and a severe stretch of the muscles, muscle tissue separation, and internal bleeding in the muscle tissue in some cases.

At this level of whiplash, there are some rather significant changed to the muscles; they include fibrotic changes and scarring. Pain comes once the adrenalin goes down, pain is usually mild but there are cases in which it is severe. Swelling is common and discoloration of the swollen area also happens due to bleeding of the muscles. As ligaments are damaged your spine loses some stability which will make you more predisposed for re-injury.

As the severity of the injury is great, the recovery rate also increases. Grade 3 injuries require chiropractic treatment followed by massage therapy as well as therapeutic exercises in order to achieve complete recovery. It might take up to 55 weeks for that.

Grade 4 represents the injury that is between moderate (grade 4) and grade 5. Injury damages the spinal discs and all damage from Grade 3 is more severe. In a case of Grade 4 your reflexes are decreased, your sensation is weakened and there is muscle weakness. There is no full recovery from Grade 4 whiplash. The process toward the recovery goes through Grade 3 treatment which is then followed by monthly treatments for an indefinite amount of time.

Whiplash payout will be sky-high if your injury is rated as Severe aka grade 5. Grade 5 injuries cover some of the symptoms of previous grades, but it also includes fractures and dislocation of vertebrae. Severe concussions, internal bleeding, tearing of the muscles (full tearing) and nerve damage is also symptoms of grade 5 whiplashes. Apart from all previous treatments, grade 5 may also require surgical intervention in the form of management or stabilization.


Whiplash injury Claims – Head and Neck Injury

Arguably most severe whiplash can happen due to head or neck injuries. Head and neck are very delicate parts of our body and even small outside influence can cause both physical and mental difficulties. This type of injury can cause trauma that can last for several years and this is the main reason for the demand for compensation.These injuries may force you to change the way you work and live and you might have to get some time off work, which means that you will lose money in the process. If you contact us we will give you some free advice about this type of injury and whiplash in general. If you want to cash in on those injuries then we will provide legal counsel in the legal process.

Injury to the head may happen in multiple ways, but the most common cause of these injuries is traffic accidents. No matter what you were driving at the moment of the accident, you may suffer a head injury, and in the worst case, brain injury. In many cases when there is damage to the brain the injury doesn’t manifest right away. Some time may pass, and only after that time you will start to feel the symptoms of the whiplash, symptoms that are also the consequences of the injury.

Once you contact us, we will appoint an individual to determine if there are grounds for your claim. The process is quite similar in many cases of whiplash. We will explain you the process that will play out in the case of this type of injury, but you may use it to prepare to contact us for any other type of whiplash.

Our first priority in a case of call is to answer any and every question you might have about the whiplash. Next step is question, question that we will ask you. We will need true answers about the person who is guilty of the accident (if you are guilty you have no right to whiplash compensation) and also about the effect of the injury on your everyday life. You should also be prepared to answer any questions regarding the type of injury and its symptoms. Once you decide to claim the compensation for that injury we will assign you a specialist solicitor who will help you in the process.

Once the specialist solicitor contacts you he will ask about all medical treatment you have received for the injury. You will probably have to spend some additional time in hospital in order to gain results of the damage that will back up your claim.

Solicitor will then when you decide to pursue the claim, take all responsibility for the case, and once he collects all data he will then pursue the settlement for the compensation.hat.

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We stand before you and we hold our hands open and lines clear so you can contact us at any given moment. Don’t be afraid of asking any question, we are here to provide all info you require. And if you do decide to work with us to get a hold on your compensation we will give you no win no fee arrangement and we will work toward winning full whiplash compensation amount.

    Some people doubt this type of arrangement and they think that they will have to pay something even though it is stated that they won’t have to. Now, we will explain how no win no fee arrangement works in our case.

   This arrangement is also known as conditional fee arrangement and it ensures that you won’t have to pay any upfront fees or fees during the claim. We will earn money only if you gain the case and the compensation money. If the claim is unsuccessful then our lawyer doesn’t get paid, but if the claim is successful then you will pay our fees. Those fees are arranged at the beginning of the claim between you and our lawyer. In most cases it is a percentage of the claim.

    If the claim goes unsuccessful you will not have to pay anything to anyone. We win if you win and that is all. There is also a zero chance for you to pay something to the party from who you demanded compensation. There will be no unexpected costs (well you will have to demand medical treatment files as well as files from police but they are free, and if they do cost, the cost is minimal).

    A good number of calls we get is about no win no fee arrangement in a case of whiplash settlement claim against an employer. People are afraid of losing their job if they ask for the right to gain the compensation due to injury. Our lawyers are very versatile when it comes to that part of law, and be sure they will stand on your side. If the employer fires you due to claim, during or after the claim, and the sole reason is that claim then additional lawful actions can and will be taken against them.

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